AGBA 13th Annual World Congress

Committee – AGBA 13th Annual World Congress

Conference Chair

Prof. Robert Grosse – Arizona State University, USA

Conference Co-Chair

Dr. Hunik Sri Runing – UniversitasSebelasMaret, Indonesia

Dr. Muhammad AgungPrabowo – UniversitasSebelasMaret, Indonesia

Conference Manager

Dr. IrwanTrinugroho – UniversitasSebelasMaret, Indonesia

Conference Director and Program Chair

Prof. Dana-NicoletaLascu – University of Richmond, USA

Chair AGBA Board of Trustees

Prof. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann – Leibniz University, Germany

AGBA Managing Director

Prof. Wolfgang Hinck – Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Conference Patron

Mr. NayanaDehigama – EPIC Technology Group Colombo, Sri Lanka

President/CEO AGBA

Prof. Zafar U. Ahmedvia btc

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